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FinCo Fuel is a sustainable fuels supplier with the ambition to grow into a platform for energy solutions. With our knowledge and years of experience we help numerous customers with their CO2 journey to decarbonisation. We want to contribute to a better, more sustainable world. In 2035, we are 100 procent green in how we think, act and invest. This is our firm belief for the future.

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Our Mission

FinCo Fuel is a creative company with a make-it-work mentality. By operating in this way, we have achieved a strong position as a fuel supplier. We seize opportunities with both hands, that's how we make the difference.

To quickly scale up our impact on the energy transition, we strive to increase the share of low-carbon fuels in our energy mix. We do not just want more volume, we also aim at a higher quality of our products and processes.

Our solid operating system is rooted in knowledge and experience. We share our system with our customers and partners and deploy it in every sector. This creates scale and growth, not only for us, but also for our customers and partners.

As a frontrunner in the energy transition, we are able to constructively influence the world around us. Our organisation never stops developing, our unique corporate culture is based on cooperation. Always in consultation, always as a team, always collectively.

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Our people

FinCo Fuel starts with the people who work there. They are the foundation of our business and our success. They make FinCo Fuel a company where the fun of doing things together is paramount and the team is more important than the individual. We like people who see opportunities and want to go for it. Our organisation and people never stop developing.

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We are looking for people who feel at home in a company that wants to be a harmonious unit, both in business and in life
Jan-Willem van der Velden
Board of Directors FinCo Fuel Group


FinCo Fuel was founded in 2013 by Coloured Finches. NIBC has held a minority stake in FinCo Fuel since 2016.

Coloured Finches invests in companies in the liquid fuels distribution and supply sector. The investment company, founded in 2012 by entrepreneurs from the European downstream oil industry, focuses on investment opportunities with an integrated business model around logistics assets, wholesale, storage, distribution and supply and trading. The founders of Coloured Finches have a unique and extensive expertise in the international fuels market. In addition, they offer strategic leadership and a large network.

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NIBC is an enterprising commercial bank, publicly listed on the Dutch stock exchange. NIBC's commercial banking activities offer flexible, risk-bearing solutions to support companies with growth capital. NIBC collaborates with successful companies that have strong management teams and offers solutions such as minority participations. NIBC was incorporated in 1945 by the Dutch government, along with a number of commercial banks and institutional investors, to finance the economic recovery of the Netherlands after the Second World War.

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