This is the decade of action. By now, we are all aware of the latest reports of the United Nations climate panel (IPCC). These documents paint an alarming picture. They warn that we have limited time left in which to achieve sufficient CO2 reductions to limit global warming to a maximum of 1.5 degrees. The European Commission also sees the urgency. In 2021, it launched 'Fit for 55', a programme to achieve a 55% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. The need to get to work on the climate goals is more urgent than ever. At FinCo Fuel Group, we have already started doing so. In the coming years, we must do everything we can to reduce CO2 emissions worldwide.

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We need the whole chain to move forward. Like all other parties, we as FinCo are part of that chain. If everyone does his or her part - business, government, people as individuals - we can make huge steps forward. Then together we will create a decade of action, an era of possibilities.
Bart-Willem ten Cate
Manager Renewables Strategy & Development

FinCo Fuel accelerates the deployment of sustainable energy carriers and phases out fossil fuels. Our green energy system of the future consists of various innovative solutions that are currently being developed. In that process, we work together with partners and experts from the entire chain. Our current product range consists of biofuels, such as ethanol, FAME and HVO, as well as other low-carbon fuels, such as fuels from non-recyclable waste plastics, biomass-to-liquid (BTL) and ChangeXL, a fuel improver based on enzymes.

FinCo, as exclusive disributor of teh Benelux, supplies a cleaner fuel improver for all sectors, based on the effects of natural enzymes (also known as biocatalysts). The enzyme concentrate ensures a molecular change in the fuel, leading to faster and better combustion, with fewer emissions. In addition, the use of ChangeXL reduces the maintenance costs of tanks and engines due to its cleansing effect.

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Peterson aims to be climate neutral as soon as possible. The cooperation with Finco Marine Energies helps us achieve this. Using ChangeXL feels like the most logical and simple next step. It is currently the best possible way for our customers to save both fuel and CO2.
Reinier Dick
Business Manager SNS Pool at Peterson

Sustainable projects

Our sustainability strategy is not only embedded in our products. The projects we develop and our partnerships also support our sustainability goals.

Ecovadis silver medal for FinCo


ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance and refers to the three central factors in measuring a company's sustainability. Testing is done on Environment, Labour & human rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement. In the first year that Ecovadis, the only universal sustainability ratings provider, assessed FinCo, we have been awarded a silver medal. This means we are among the 15% highest scoring companies in our sector. FinCo Fuel Group is implementing an ambitious programme to quickly achieve the Platinum target.

CO2 Performance Ladder

To map the CO2 footprint of our own processes and to reduce emissions, we use the CO2 Performance Ladder. We are the first sustainable fuels company to be certified at Level 3 of this CO2 Performance Ladder. This means that we have developed a working CO2 management system for our own organisation and projects, which has already saved the first 30%. Because we are working towards a CO2 neutral company in 2030, our next step is a 50% reduction in 2025.  We have set up an ambitious programme to achieve this.

View the results of the CO2-Performance Ladder here:

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