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FinCo was founded by Coloured Finches 2013 and NIBC holds a minority stake in FinCo since 2016.

Coloured Finches

Coloured Finches is an energy investment company that invests in businesses in downstream hydrocarbon and biofuels markets. It targets investment opportunities with an integrated downstream business model around logistics assets, wholesale, distribution and supply & trading. Coloured Finches was founded in 2012 by former chief executives from the downstream European oil industry. The partners of Coloured Finches incorporate unique and complimentary expertise and international experience. As a team they stand for deep market insights, strategic leadership, entrepreneurship, operational excellence and a vast network.


NIBC is an enterprising commercial bank publicly listed on the Dutch stock exchange. Its corporate banking activities offer flexible risk-bearing solutions to support companies with growth capital. NIBC collaborates with successful companies with strong management teams and offers solutions such as minority participations. NIBC was incorporated in 1945 by the Dutch government along with a number of commercial banks and institutional investors to provide financing for the post-World War II economic recovery of the Netherlands.