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FinCo introduces ChangeTL - a new and clean fuel for inland shipping

Dordrecht, July 23, 2019

FinCo Fuel Nederland B.V. introduces ChangeTL, a new fuel for the inland shipping industry with the unique combination of GTL, FAME and natural enzymes. This fuel provides a significant CO2 reduction of 16%. In addition, other emissions such as NOx (19%), soot and particulate matter (33%) are also drastically reduced. A good result at a competitive price, certainly in view of the recently signed Green Deal agreement that the inland shipping industry need to achieve 20% less CO2 emissions by 2024.

Prepared for 2024
The recently signed Green Deal agreement, a collaboration between the government and the maritime sector, includes ambitious environmental objectives for both sea and inland shipping. This involves reducing CO2 emissions and also harmful air emissions (sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter). The goal for inland shipping is to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 20% by 2024. A reduction target of 10% has been agreed for harmful air emissions. The Green Deal marks the starting point of the long-term transition to climate-neutral and emission-free shipping. Pieter Peeters, CEO of FinCo Fuel Netherlands: “With ChangeTL we achieve a reduction of 16% CO2 emissions. In comparison with road transport (around 6% reduction in 2019), this results in more than 2.5 times less CO2 emissions. ChangeTL also reduces NOx, soot and particulate matter emissions, thereby helping to improve local air quality, which is in line with our company's objective.”

Lower maintenance costs
In addition to reduced emissions, ChangeTL ensures lower maintenance costs and better performance through the combination of GTL and the enzyme technology of ChangeXL. The natural enzymes act as a bio-catalyst. They order complex hydrocarbon and / or biofuel chains into a more stable, homogeneous and saturated fuel mixture. The enzymes in ChangeXL gradually break down sludge, water and bacteria in the fuel system and disperse them in the fuel after which they are burned. The enzymes improve the properties of the fuel and continue to work actively throughout the fuel chain, resulting in a cleansing effect.

ChangeTL is reliable
"It has been a long time since we have become so enthusiastic about a new fuel," says Ben Maelissa, CEO of Danser Group. “We started testing in February 2019 and are still fully satisfied with it. That says enough.” It is a fuel for which the infrastructure is already present and therefore no additional investment is needed. The tank shipping company Interstream Barging BV has also shown great interest in reducing its CO2 footprint with this new product. With one of her own ships, they are already sailing on ChangeTL in a test phase. GTL meets the EN15940 standard and the FAME used meets the EN14214 standard. The enzyme technology of ChangeXL has been extensively tested by independent laboratories and found to be safe for use in all engines.

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