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FinCo Fuel Group and GoodFuels join forces to accelerate renewable fuels

Dordrecht, January 6, 2020 

FinCo Fuel Group active in the downstream energy market with a broad portfolio of fuel products expands its network with the acquisition of a majority stake in GoodNRG, holding company of renewable fuels pioneer GoodFuels. This cooperation enables both parties to utilize its complementary strength, sourcing, supply management and logistical power of FinCo Fuel which will be optimal for the growing needs of GoodFuels. Both parties expect to contribute to a further reduction of CO2 and to accelerate the energy transition with more impact.

Pieter Peeters, CEO FinCo Fuel Nederland: “With this acquisition FinCo Fuel Group shows its ambition and commitment to further boost the transition to sustainable mobility. GoodFuels opened the sustainable fuel market for shipping and transportation fuels among others for a new customer base in a refreshing way. With our capability and network we can further support the GoodFuels brand with its evolution”.

Dirk Kronemeijer, CEO GoodFuels: “We are extremely proud of the leading and profitable market position of GoodFuels supported by our respected customers but realize that this is only the beginning and the real work starts now. In order to maintain our position in this growing market we were looking for a well-funded partner from the industry who understands and respects our impact driven sustainable DNA. In FinCo Fuel we have found this partner and together we can fulfil our joint mission to accelerate the energy transition in heavy transportation in an even better way”.

About FinCo Fuel Group

FinCo Fuel Group is involved in the downstream fuel market and offers a portfolio of fuels across Northwest Europe. FinCo covers the whole value chain from refinery gate until end-user with secured logistics under ownership and management. Innovation and strong customer orientation are the main drivers to boost the transition to a lower carbon future. FinCo is fully committed to increased use of cleaner fuels and is dedicated to play an important role in reducing CO2 through a portfolio of alternative fuels. The Group has offices in the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland.

About GoofFuels

GoodFuels is a sustainable fuels pioneer and energy transition partner for shipping and heavy transportation. All advanced and sustainable biofuels from GoodFuels are immediately applicable as substitution of fossil fuels without any technical engine modifications (drop-in), reduce CO2 by up to 90% (Well-to-Propeller) and comply to the strictest sustainability criteria. Next to being a biofuels pioneer GoodNRG introduces innovative sustainable products, services and business models on a constant basis. 


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