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Partnership Tamoil Netherlands – FinCo

Dordrecht, February 1, 2016

Tamoil Netherlands and FinCo both strongly reinforce their positions by a stong cooperation. The cooperation is twofold.

On the one hand it is a long-term rental agreement between Tamoil and FinCo whereby Tamoil leases their terminal Ruischerbrug (Groningen) to FinCo. Next to the rental of the Ruischerbrug terminal, FinCo owns a storage terminal in Groningen named FinCo Terminal Groningen (FTG). FinCo will use the Ruischerbrug location predominately for storage of diesel and gasoil. By combining both terminals FinCo creates a supply buffer for diesel and gasoil for the FinCo Terminal Groningen in case of tight diesel availability.

In addition to the above Tamoil and FinCo also agreed on a Supply-chain agreement which implies that FinCo and Tamoil in future jointly supply diesel and gasoline to the Tamoil petrol stations in the Netherlands. The aim is to create scale which will result in the further optimization across the Supply-chain for both parties.

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